General information about stocks and stock exchange in Croatia

20.01.2010 | Category: Zagreb Stock exchange | Author: ZSE

Croatia’s exchange did not see its revival until as late as 1991, when 25 banks and two insurance companies established the Zagreb Stock Exchange as the central place of securities trading in the Republic of Croatia.

The Zagreb Stock Exchange has kept this role to date. From the initial 25 members (brokerage companies), thanks to the trade growth and development the number of members has climbed to some forty-odd active traders: banks and private brokerage companies. At the very beginning, trading took place at big auctions held at the Exchange head office with all brokers actually physically present. In 1994, an electronic trading system was introduced, enabling member brokers to trade on the Exchange via a telecommunications link without leaving their offices throughout Croatia.

A rapid development of share ownership and trading in Croatia is best illustrated by the fact that in the first five years following the introduction of the electronic trading system, between 1995 and 2000, the Zagreb Stock Exchange market capitalization grew almost 10 times (982.6%).



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