Utjecaj novih tehnologija na razvoj i rezultate tvrtki

  • Ovo nema direktne veze sa Optimom. Ali ima sa ICT sektorom. Nisam siguran gdje da stavim pa stavljam ovdje.

    Ukoliko se ovako nastavi biti ce to poprilican impuls razvoju EU ICT trzista i vracanje novca koji odlaze na USA trziste nazad u EU. Da ne spominjemo uopce potrebne investicije.

    Towards a next generation cloud for Europe


    In this milestone achievement, the signatory Member States agree to work together towards deploying resilient and competitive cloud infrastructure and services across Europe.

    Cloud computing enables data-driven innovation and emerging technologies, such as 5G/6G, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things. It allows European businesses and the public sector to run and store their data safely, according to European rules and standards. The EU now has a unique opportunity to tap into the need for more data sharing and decentralised data processing, closer to the user.

    A pan-European alliance for cloud technology will be set up by the end of the year.


    The European Union aims to spend up to €10 billion over the next seven years to help build up a homegrown cloud computing sector that could rival foreign corporations such as Amazon, Google and Alibaba.

    Twenty-five EU countries signed a joint declaration Thursday pledging public money to power up the cloud sector and establishing the "European Alliance on Industrial Data and Cloud," a partnership geared toward facilitating such projects.


    The rest of the money will come from both industry and member countries. National governments will be able to fund these projects through the EU’s coronavirus recovery plan, which has earmarked 20 percent toward digital projects.


    ETNO, the association representing Europe’s leading telecom operators, applauded the move.

    Long by day, short by night!